Joanna Harling  Acrylic Paintings


I find my inspiration in my immediate surroundings, my garden, my home, the fields, hedgerows and copses around me.  I love nature and love to concentrate on the small changes that occur day-to-day in the world around us.  The expectation of the opening of the amelanchier or the may blossom means that when they happen the joy is even greater.  The certainty with which  almost everything comes back each year is reassuring and serves to remind me that good times will come again.  I have a son with fragile X syndrome which is a genetic fault which results in learning disability and extreme anxiety.  It has been an enormous challenge  to find a school where he could thrive, and find activities he enjoys doing, and people who welcome his contribution.  Painting has helped me to escape from the near constant worries and fresh issues that just keep coming!  When painting I can concentrate completely on the flowers or landscape or person and my brain is peaceful and calm.


Bedroom window with morning sun.  Acrylic on canvas, unframed £500

Darryl Nantais Gallery, Linton

I am delighted to announce that Karl at Darryl Nantais Gallery loves my work and you can now see some of my paintings at the lovely Darryl Nantais Gallery in Linton. 

If you haven’t been to Linton for a while you will also discover the MOST amazing bread shop: Jigsaw bakery, on the other side of the High Street from the co-op- the bread is delicious, made on the premises with organic flours and no improvers.  There is also a fabulous cafe on the High Street near the old market place called The Linton Kitchen.  Great coffee, local cordials and cheese and lots more.  

Saffron Walden Arts Trust

Open Studios

Sat 26th and Sun 27th April

My studio will be open on the first weekend of the Saffron Walden Open Studios.  You will be able to see a selection of portraits as well as a new series of blossom paintings looking deep into pear, apple, plum, cherry plum, apricot, cherry and more.  Other attractions will be the freshly painted mural improving the view from the studio down the garden and being able to see the stages involved in creating a portrait sculpture.


Since this event I have been working hard on various portrait commissions and so have been lying low as far as online is concerned, but infact it has been a productive and hardworking time for me!  For a couple of the new portraits please look at the portrait page

I charge between £300 and £500 for portraits depending on the commission requirements.  If you are interested please email me